Everything You Need to Know About Our Cumbria Crystal Glass

Everything You Need to Know About Our Cumbria Crystal Glass

Here at Stag House Replacements, we offer our customers a splendid array of crystal glassware. We supply specialist brands with original and exclusive products. Most collections include a wide range of drinking glasses. Additionally, within some collections we stock some alternative glassware products. Our top quality glasses will suit your table display for special occasions, as well as everyday luxury. Now we will draw our attention to our collection of Cumbria Crystal glassware.


One of our more contemporary ranges, Cumbria Crystal’s journey started in 1979, beginning in Stourbridge, before relocating to Ulverston in the Lake District. Founders, Lord and Lady Cavendish, brought together a small group of local business people to produce the handmade crystal glasses we see today. Still in existence today, the company remains small, made up of just twenty-two artisans. The techniques used are true to those used from the Roman era, completely hand-blown and hand-cut. Visitors to the factory can even see the traditional crystal-making in action. Keeping a traditional aesthetic, Cumbria Crystal are proud to be suppliers for the period drama Downton Abbey.


Get your hands on some highly sought after classic glassware from Cumbria Crystal through Stag House Replacements. Whether you’re looking for a wine glass, a brandy glass, a champagne glass, or a hi-ball glass, we have a great range of drinking classes from this fantastic brand. Wine glasses tend to use a thick glass, and are aesthetically more like goblets. The current stock of Cumbria Crystal glassware includes the mainly Grasmere designs, as well as Helvellyn, Lakeland, and Silverdale. With their distinctive design, they are sure to impress any guest who sits at your table.


Here at Stag House Replacements, as suggested by the name, we specialise in replacing glassware. We are aware that any accidents that might occur can be devastating, not only because of the financial value of such products, but also the rarity and uniqueness of such glassware. When the worst happens, we will always work hard to salvage it as best we can. We can source the right products using the name of the collection can help allowing us to complete any collection that we stock. Provided we have the details from our customers, we will always try to find the missing piece to your glass collection. You can also browse our collections online to see our extensive range, whether you’re looking to add to an existing collection, or hoping to find that perfect one-of-a-kind piece. With Stag House Replacements, you can make good use of your Cumbria Crystal glassware for both special occasions and everyday luxury, knowing that we will be there to pick up the pieces for any accidents that may happen.

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