Galway Irish Crystal

Purchasing a crystal set can be a difficult decision to make; there are a large variety of assorted brands, types, styles, designs, uses and costs that come with deciding what crystal glass set you should go for. At Stag House Replacements we want to make that decision easier for you, by providing our customers with the perfect products that are genuine, high quality and affordable, so all you have to do is let a brand catch your eye. Below, you will find our range of Galway Irish Crystal ready for you to explore and, depending on what type of glasses you need, we’re sure to be able to provide a set perfect for your price range.

Galway Irish Crystal is manufactured in the heart of western Ireland and is renowned for its flawlessness in craft. The designs are eye-catching, elegant and perfect for any occasion, be it a candlelit dinner, a meal with friends or a special occasion celebrated with family. We don’t just supply items for first time buyers; we also provide replacements for a set you may already own, meaning you don’t have to spend a large amount on a new set if an accident has occurred.

We pride ourselves on providing over 4000 crystal items available for sale; it’s a testament to our experience and dedication in the crystal glass market. Our expertise doesn’t just stop at our listed range either; if you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us so we can inquire with our collection of dealers and contacts to try and source a specific item for you. You needn’t look anywhere else than Stag House Replacements for your Crystal Glass needs.

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