Tyrone Crystal

Stag House Replacements offers a wide range of Tyrone Crystal glasses and specialise in providing customers looking to further their personal crystal collection of Tyrone Crystal, whatever the occasion. You can use them worry-free, with our glass replacement service for those accidental breakages. Our varied stock has been built up over years and includes a number of very sought-after patterns of Tyrone Crystal glasses.

Tyrone Crystal was founded in 1971 by Father Austin Eustace to create employment in the county its namesake, in Ireland. However, it was two hundred years earlier, in 1771, where Tyrone’s glassmaking tradition was started by Benjamin Edwards. The Tyrone crystal glassware company was awarded am ISO 9000 for its quality, becoming the youngest glasshouse in the UK and Ireland to achieve this accolade. Although the factory itself has now sadly closed, at Stag House Replacements we are able to cherish the legacy they left behind through our collection. In our Tyrone Crystal range, we stock sought-after glasses for wine, brandy, sherry, and champagne.

If you are looking for a particular item and you cannot find it on our website, please get in touch and we will look into whether we can source it elsewhere, or at a later date. You can contact us by phone or either 01708752761, or 07487769598. Alternatively, you can email us at stag-house-replacements@outlook.com or fill in a contact form online.